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VOICE: Eurochoirs, Europe at its best

Since 1982, the Eurochoirs annually allow between 40 and 60 talented young singers, usually selected by the national organisations, to assemble for a week of rehearsals, community life and concerts in a foreign country, under the direction of two high-class conductors, one from the welcoming country, the other one from another tradition.

Eurochoir 2012

credit: Karel Kásak

The Eurochoir 2012 took place in Lomnice Nad Popelkou in Czech Republic, last July, under the leadership of Jaroslav Brych and Franz Herzog. Listeners and the conductors themselves were impressed by the musical level and coherence of this composite group. The 42 participants have developed strong relationships across Europe – not just around a beer like your average student – but through hard work on challenging pieces. Another output of the project has been to expand knowledge of new choral repertoire of contemporary Czech and European composers. The quality of the choir singers enabled to study a very difficult and challenging repertoire, which, unfortunately, average Czech choirs very rarely sing. This artistic success also encouraged the Czech federation to involve itself even more into international projects, despite a difficult economic situation, and to develop new projects in Czech Republic.

Anneliese - Austria – Eurochoir 2012

I have paid visits to almost every Eurochoir in the past 8 years and to my opinion I never before heard such a great group of Eurochoir singers giving a wonderful performance, challenged to do their best by both conductors.

Anonymous - Eurochoir 2012

It was great to see that although we had different nationalities, singing united us to a group of close friends. And all the pieces I have sung will stay with me, and maybe I will arrange a performance of some of them in my own choir.

Nataliia - Germany; Ukraine - Eurochoir 2012

My participation made me feel how really friendly Europeans are, how useful is the knowledge of different languages, and what people of different cultures share.

Anonymous - Eurochoir 2012

It confirmed that Europe is such a great idea and community, in so many respects. I hope there'll be more and more projects of this kind occurring in the future. But I didn't only learn things about voice and choral music... we all shared so much that in the end, I guess it's a safe bet to say that I became a better human being. And that naturally affects the way I sing now, too.

Flannery – Germany – Eurochoir 2012

I met a lot of wonderful people from all around the world. I have already visited some of them and others have visited me. All in all, Eurochoir has given me the chance to see a lot more of Europe and broaden my horizon not just through the week in a different country each year but also through visits beyond that. There are wonderful singers all around the world and it is essential that as many people as possible can see that.

Eurochoir 2013 in Pécs: 10 - 17 august 2013

The Hungarian organisers of the next Eurochoir - which will take place in August 2013 in Pécs - were there, and witnessed the success of the Czech edition.

They promised to do their best to bring the Eurochoir a step further!


Pécs is a human sized, art-and-music loving town, where choral art holds an eminent position. The great Hungarian choral composers and musicians have all developed deep connections with Pécs: Kodály Zoltán, Bárdos Lajos and Orbán György were regular guests and contributed to turn the city into a musical centre. The Eurochoir 2013 will take place in the new iconic buildings of Pécs, that were fully renovated in 2010 when Pécs became the European Capital of Culture. Rehearsals will take place in the breath-taking Zsolnay Cultural Quarter – an old porcelain manufacture turned into a centre of arts, and the final concert will be held in the concert hall of the new Kodály Centre, a building which was called “an architectural Stradivarius” by violinist Maxim Vengerov. The musical program will be provided by the Kodály and Balkan music specialist Tamás Lakner from Pécs and by the innovative, internationally acclaimed Italian conductor Alessandro Cadario


If you feel up to the task of having fun through rewarding hard work and happy singing, to discover, before most of the choral world, the home town of the next EUROPA CANTAT Festival, and to sing along your young and talented peers, you can apply for this 2013 edition!

10-17/08/2013 More info and application: www.eurochoir2013pecs.hu

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