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Youth Choirs in Movement

Main organiser: European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

July 2013

Choirs from all over Europe will meet with local choirs in Bonn during Youth Choirs in Movement.Most of the singers will be hosted by their German counterparts, for a true European experience. These 900 young singers will thus have a unique opportunity to meet and share a singing and living experience with their European counterparts. But the idea behind this programme is also to invite the body on stage. Through different ateliers, the singers will experience how to deal with this strange instrument, how their body can act, how it can help them find the right voice, the right rhythm and overcome stage fright or vocal limitations. Moving on stage can not only make a show more entertaining for the audience, it also helps develop a different sense of living the music. During these sessions, some will learn to sing in sign language, some will have to act or sing pieces from musicals; all will have “to move it, move it”, as the song goes. And, who knows, maybe the young listeners at their free concerts will also want to get on the bandwagon of choral music.


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