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Symposium on Singing in Music Education

How can singing belong to everyone?

23-27 April 2014 - Budapest

 Organised by KOTA



As a follow-up of conferences on singing and music education (e.g. "The Glee of Centuries” in Vilnius 2009 and several workshops and conferences on music education organised by the European Music Council and some of its members), the Symposium focused on different music education approaches that involve singing, including a strong focus on how the Kodály concept can still be used despite the fact that basic conditions have changed.

The Symposium gathered music pedagogues, professors of teacher training institutions, conductors, choirs, vocal ensembles and singers from Europe and all over the world who presented and demonstrated how they use various music education methods, including the Kodály concept.

Based on direct invitations and open calls both for papers and good practices, around 15-20 lecturers and presenters, 8-10 choirs and/or vocal ensembles were selected and invited. We aimed for 100-150 participants from Europe and the rest of the world.

One of the event’s focus points was how can singing in communities shape individuals and develop our society nowadays. The Symposium aimed for concluding its sessions with a declaration on the impact and benefits of singing in communities on our society.



1. Formal singing-based music education at school

2. Non-formal music learning opportunities aft er school

3. Benefi ts of singing in communities on our society

4. Music teacher and/or choral conductor training?


 Download the Symposium booklet (PDF)

The videos of the Symposium

You can find videos of the Symposium on the youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8zoZ99OIOPdLYG5lkY0ObQ/feed



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