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CAMP - Choral Art Management Programme

(Saint Lô - France)


The next edition of the CAMP will take place between 20 and 27 October 2014. You can contact Polyfollia for more information!


The CAMP – Choral Art Management Programme– is a unique training programme specifically addressing the specifics of international choral events organisation. A joint effort of the Polyfollia festival and the ECA-EC, its second edition took place between the 29.10.12 and the 04.11.12 during the festival in Saint Lô (France).

Fifteen managers with an age average of 30 attended the CAMP. Gathering active choir managers and event organisers coming from Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Armenia, Argentina, Poland, Finland, etc., this international group was displaying an impressive array of significant professional experiences and skills.

The aims of the CAMP is to provide the trainees with an additional professional coaching by sharing the experience, work tools and methods developed by the Polyfollia Festival team over 10 years of activities in the field of international choir music. Every session is lead by a team member who presents and discusses work methods and their underlying concepts. Through the applied case of this large event (50 concerts, 164 mini-concerts and workshops, 37000 tickets sold), the CAMPers discover practical, effective and field-tested solutions. The covered topics are split into modules, and theory is always intertwined with concrete examples as the CAMPers are sent on the field to witness and participate in the Festival itself. Simultaneously welcoming and catering for 14 professional ensembles and 74 amateur choirs, managing a large audience and over 130 visiting professionals (venue, festival, federations or theatre directors, journalists, experts, composers...), there is always something to do. But the programme also covers the creation and management of an international artistic committee, the importance of technical issues when considering artistic choices, the building and animation of a network of local partners to organise decentralised concerts, the art of managing volunteers, etc. All this aspects are being actively discussed during the work session, but also around a drink after the concerts, allowing for an in-depth knowledge sharing between the participants.

Last but not least, the CAMP is a unique networking opportunity for the participants. Under the wing of the members of the Artistic Committee, they can beef-up their address book through meeting the key persons of the choral world, as a lot of them are scouting the festival to discover the best emerging talents for the years to come.

Jacques Vanherle

Festival Polyfollia

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