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Inspiring Cooperation Through VOICE - 9 November 2013 - Pécs- Hungary

A successful conference, fostering cooperation and peer-to-peer approaches

The conference "Inspiring Cooperation through VOICE" was a succes, with over 120 attending, sharing ideas and methods, setting up new cooperations in the choral world and beyond.

You will find here sumaries of some of the presentations that were offered during the week-end, as well as useful links.


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The Programme of the Conference

As you know, the VOICE project is a European Cooperation Project coordinated by the European Choral Association, uniting 14 partners from all over Europe to discover, implement and share new ideas and methods. You may have already taken part to some of its activities, festivals and research programmes. We will present its first results officially during the General Assembly 2014.

But VOICE is not only aiming at “results” and “outcomes”, it is an attempt at inventing new methods to work together, share ideas and talents across Europe. We thus decided to share with you about our process of cooperation, what we have learned, what difficulties were overcome. We also asked other projects to present their cooperation process, and we hope that these exchanges will be fruitful for all, and that they will inspire new cooperations and help build bridges across geographical and cultural borders.
More information on the website: www.thevoiceproject.eu

”Where will the cultural world be by 2020?” by Ferdinand Richard

We asked Ferdinand to provide us with his outlook on what the cultural world could look like in a few years, or at least point to some of the main challenges that it will encounter. A risky subject, by design, intended to trigger reactions and exchanges amongst the attendance.

Download the text of the keynote speech in English, German and French (pdf)

Ferdinand Richard is Founder-Director of A.M.I., National Centre for the Development of Innovative Music. A.M.I. offers various training workshops, artists residences, festivals, and is an incubator for cultural micro-businesses, and collaborates internationally with Africa, Middle-East, Russia, Asia. Ferdinand is founding member of Friche de la Belle-de Mai – a cultural centre located in a former tobacco factory in Marseille. He is the Chairman of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, which supports mobility for artists and cultural operators in Mediterranean regions and a member of the Board of Culture Action Europe. Ferdinand is head of the experts panel of the UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity.

The VOICE project, cooperation in action

Global presentation of the project.

The project is subdivided in no less than 32 activities, all of them implemented in cooperation by two or more partners. We will present two examples of such cooperation, with a focus on the cooperation process itself. We will give you a short update on the Singing Europe initiative.

Presentation by Côme Ferrand Cooper - ECA-EC

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Choral Crossroads 2013 and the Mediterranean Choral Forum 2013

were organised by Epilogi (Cyprus). They cooperated with Moviment Coral Catala, ECA-EC and KÓTA, as well as with associate partners from the Arab world to design and set up these events.

Two session of the Eurochoir

were organised in the frame of VOICE, in Czech Republic (2012) and in Hungary (2013). The organisers of both event collaborated closely to make this event a success in the two countries.

Presentation by Zdenek Kadlas

Cooperate with VOICE!

“Singing Europe” - Roman Bartel - ECA-EC

Singing Europe is a non-commercial, community driven, pilot research programme to produce reliable statistical data on "people singing together". This knowledge will help national and European organisations set up programmes that better address the needs of the singing community and convince policy makers to support it. We will present the first results of the survey for choirs, explain the process we developed to gather this information, and how you can get involved in this adventure, for the benefit of your organisation and of the singing community.

Presentation by Roman Bartel

Website SingingEurope.org

“Singing Sofa” - Karolien Luyckx - Expertisecentrum Stem - BE

The Centre of Excellence for Voice (Leuven -BE) is developping an information package for children who sing and youngsters focused on their physical, personal, social, psychological, emotional and cognitive growth


Models of bilateral and trilateral cooperation among the membership.

Direct cooperation between members and other organisations are taking place quite often. We wanted to offer a short overview on interesting initiatives that may trigger new ideas!

Marti Ferrer: European Network of Inclusive Choirs

MCC (ES, Cat)+ Koor&Stem(BE) + Voca (RS) and others

Philippe Le Fevre: Choir conductors’ training session “Les Karellis”

Confédération Musicale de France / Professional Choir “Choeur Britten”

Presentation by Philippe Le Fevre

Stéphane Grosclaude: Diversity of singing practices in Europe

Plate Forme Interrégionale (F) + MCC (ES, Cat) + others outside ECA-EC

Presentation and text by Stéphane Grosclaude

Koenraad de Meulder: “The voice of our Memory”

Koor&Stem + Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen (national welfare organisation), Foton - regional Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen (regional welfare organization), Imelda Hospital (local hospital), Den Olm (local nursing home)

Presentation and text by Koenraad de Meulder

Conductors’ exchange, how to work with a choir from abroad?

The aim of the conductors' exchange session is to demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of a foreign conductor invited and working with another choir, discovering the features and repertoire of the choir and offering/showing them new musical approaches, new pedagogical ways, new repertoire etc., doing this all in a smooth and decent way, in the presence of the choir's original conductor.
With the “Laudate Youth Choir” from Pécs and the conductors Gábor Havasi and Carlo Pavese.

Exemplary initiatives on how to engage the membership in international activities.

Europa Cantat in Torino

Sante Fornasier and Carlo Pavese (IT)

Organising a Study Tour to Torino

Rainer Held (CH) - Text

Getting support from the Government for taking groups of conductors abroa

Kaie Tanner (EE)

SCIC taking 100 children to EC junior

Xell Montserrat (ES)

How Monique Lesenne has convinced her many times to travel to international events

Marleen Annemans (BE) - Text

From Poetry to Psychoacoustics, cooperation knows no borders.

“Tenso 14 18 from poetry to music” – Babette Greiner – Tenso Network - NL

TENSO, a European network of professional choirs, is setting up a cooperation project to build up choral repertoire from Poetry composed during the first world war.
“We want to bring to life the poems and texts that were written during the Great War and immediately after, and use these as the basis for new choral repertoire. World War I brought “the end of civilization” – after this catastrophe, it was no longer possible to blindly trust ideals such as “Europe” – but it also brought about the first pan-European peace and it led to the independence of many European nations.”

Presentaiton (pdf file format)

Vocal health of amateur singers.

David Howard - University of York
In the frame of the VOICE project, the University of York is setting up a research project on the vocal health of amateur singers. David Howard will present the research and how the singing community can both benefit and help with this effort.

Presentation (pdf file format)

Reading and singing session with children’s choir repertoire

Two Hungarian choirs will present works from their own repertoire (Hungarian or international music which can be interesting for other choirs around Europe, a cappella or with accompaniment, with or without movements, staging etc.). The participants of the session will also have a chance to sing a selection of pieces under the direction of Kaie Tanner.
Mátyás Children’s Choir  - conductor: Mrs. Ilona Kunváriné Okos
Grand Choir of TVT Primary School  - conductor:  Mrs. Ágnes Tascherné Sértő

“Open” Working Group meetings

You are kindly invited to participate to the open sessions, and share and contribute to the proposed themes.

Singing and Music Education

(moderator: Koenraad De Meulder)

National Youth Choirs

(moderator: Jean-Claude Wilkens)

Hearts-in-Harmony -  inclusive events

(moderator: Marti Ferrer)

Musical Session: Vocal Wake-up and warm-up techniques techniques

(moderator: Reijo Kekkonen).



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