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The programme of the Conference

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Registration is still possible until friday 10 October: HERE

Friday 21 November 2014

15:00 | Opening of the Welcome Desk | Palau dela Música

Register and get information on the conference.

16:00 | Guided tour of the Palau de la Música

For those who registered online for the visit. If you have not, please check at the Welcome Desk if it is possible to add you to the group.

18:00 | Get Start(l)ed

Welcome and Keynote speech: Brendan Walsh | Palau de la Música

Brendan Walsh is a musician and expert helping cultural organisations to reach out to new audiences and develop new business models. Through this keynote speech, he will share with us some of the experience he gained helping organisations and musicians evolve and adapt their activities and communication to the expectations of today's audiences. See below


The text and the presentation of the keynote speech are available HERE

19:00 | Get in touch with Catalan music

Concert | Cor Jove Nacional de Catalunya & Coral Sant Jordi | Palau dela Música

20:00 | Get together for dinner

Restaurant El Mirador | Palau de la Música

Get to know each other over drinks in town

Saturday 22 November 2014

09:00 | Get updated on ECA-EC (members only)

General Assembly of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat | “Consell Comarcal” near Liceo

13:00 | Get together for lunch

Lunch | Hotel Mimic

15:00 to 18:45 | Conference “Reaching Out”
in Conservatori Superior del Liceu

Reaching out (to the participants)

The VOICE project is soon coming to its conclusion. We will of course draw a few conclusions from this wonderful adventure, but we also want to use this opportunity to look forward and keep on exploring innovative and exciting topics with all the participants, with a strong focus on “reaching out” to new audiences. After a global presentation of the results of VOICE, participants can get inspired by more focused topics and finally voice their own expertise in open working groups. Leaning on the VOICE experience, we thus hope to foster new peer-to-peer cooperations for the years to come and help strengthen the choral network in Europe.

Live reporting

All the conference sessions will be witnessed by a team of reporters who will use an online collaborative reporting tool to create minutes of the talks and debates, and published on the VOICE website. Participants can also connect to the system to help with the live reporting effort. Details will be provided during the conference.

15:00 | Get the facts

First results of the VOICE project

During this first hour, you will have an overview of the activities and results of the VOICE project, with a specific focus on “Singing and Music Education”, a presentation of first results from Singing Europe and a sneak preview of our next project “Choral Upgrade in Europe”.

Find the minutes here!

16:00 | Get Energised: Caffeine plus Catalan Music!

Music and coffee break with Cor Amics de la Unió

Conductor Josep Vila Jover

16.30 | Get inspired

Find the minutes of the conference HERE!

You can choose between the three sessions offered.

Musical session | Open Singing as tool for audience development

Let's make the audience sing along! Techniques and repertoire presented by Michael Gohl. See also page 9.

  • Moderator: Jan Schumacher

  • Live reporting: Cathy Al-Ghabra

Inspirational session | Audience development beyond the choral world

Árpád Tóth will present his experience in (literally) going out to grab the attention of new audience by the use of unusual performances venues and the involvement of listeners in improvisations. See also page 10.

The Pécs festival team will present some of the tools and trick they plan to extend the outreach of the festival to non-choral singers.

  • Moderator: Reijo Kekkonen

  • Live reporting: Jesse Boere

Project session | A new vision on the the Eurochoir

The Eurochoir project was initiated by AGEC in 1982. How relevant is the project today? What have we learned from the three editions included in the VOICE project? What are the next steps in helping this unique choir become the ambassador of choral music on the continent?

  • Moderator: Daphne Wassink

  • Live reporting: Flannery Ryan

17:45 | Get involved | Open Working Groups

Find the minutes of the conference HERE!

Voice your ideas! You can choose to participate in one of the five thematic workgroups, where issues and projects can be discussed and new partnerships built up on the European level!

Launching an inclusion strategy

We claim that “everybody can sing”, but are we always taking the necessary steps to make sure that it happens? Inclusion is a transversal issue, that concerns all activities and necessitates a proper strategy.

See page 11.

  • Moderator: Koenraad De Meulder

  • Live reporting: Emanuela Farago

National and Regional Youth Choirs

National and Regional Youth Choirs share one thing: they are all unique! How can they network more efficiently, work together, share their experience and promote choral music across Europe?

  • Moderators: Jean Claude Wilkens and Victoria Liedbergius

  • Live reporting: Burak Onur Erdem

Brainstorm to the future

Do people call you crazy when you talk about new projects? Maybe we should meet... Let's discuss innovative activities and formats, and how to implement them!

  • Moderator: Kjetil Aamann and Carlo Pavese

  • Live reporting: Jesse Boere

Children’s and Youth Choir Associations

A meeting point for all choral associations dedicated to young singers

  • Moderator: Kaie Tanner

  • Live reporting: Flannery Ryan

The economy of choral organisations

Do we need new business models for the Choral world? Is earning money much more difficult than fighting for subsidies? Public support is thinning away: let's share positive and innovative experiences or ideas to financially support choral organisations.

  • Moderator: Daphne Wassink

  • Live reporting: Cathy Al-Ghabra

18:45 | Get some rest | End of the Conference

There will be no official closing word: we will publish the collaborative minutes of the conference on the VOICE website on Monday 24 November.

20:30 | Get in touch with Catalan music

Concert by SCIC Choir and Cor del Teatre | Palau de la Música

21.30 | Get together for dinner

Restaurant El Mirador at Palau de la Música

Get together for drinks in town

Sunday, 23/11/2014

10:00 Get together and get to know Barcelona

Walk and talk: “Walking Groups”

You will be offered a chance to discover Barcelona and discuss the conference in walking groups with different themes and locations visited. But they will all end in a nice café so you can share a drink with your fellow walkers after the visit!

Details will be provided at the registration desk.

12:00 | Get in touch with Catalan music

Mass with Pueri Cantores choirs in Santa Maria del Mar.

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