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Symposium on Singing in Music Education: videos are online!

18 March 2015

You can now watch the videos of the "Symposium on Singing in Music Education" held in Budapest in April 2014 on the Youtube channel! Share with your friends and colleagues!

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VOICE - Vision On Innovation for Choral music in Europe

VOICE is a European project for the sustainable development and innovation of choral singing, a first-time major cooperation between choral operators, music educators and researchers.

It is a joint effort of 15 coorganisers, spread over 11 countries.

The aims of VOICE are

  • to encourage new events and methods and the creation of innovative repertoire
  • promote the voice as universal instrument
  • improve the quality of vocal music
  • enable transnational mobility and circulation of (young) musicians and choral works
  • enhance the dialogue between cultures and generations as well as the exchange of expertise 
  • develop new tools for the promotion of singing in music education.

VOICE will invest in research on the voice in partnership with universities and collect data on choral life in Europe. The 15 partners will spread the results to develop a new vision on choral singing in Europe.

What is a European Cooperation Project?

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What happens during VOICE?

PUST at Polifollya 2012 cop. Virginie Meygneu

Activities of VOICE from 2012 to 2015 through which these aims shall be reached include a major choral festival in Italy, an urban youth choir festival in Sweden, singing as a tool for reconciliation in Cyprus, three sessions of the Eurochoir for young singers in Czech Republic, Hungary and France, training courses and seminars for conductors and managers in France, Italy and Sweden, a conference on Mediterranean Music in Spain, a symposium on singing and music education in Hungary, a congress for Choral Conductors in France, a vocal training programme for teachers and a cooperation programme with the world of education in Belgium, research programmes on the growth of young people in relation to their singing voice and on vocal health of amateur singers, done from Belgium and United Kingdom, an international collection of lullabies and databases on choral life, voice-training and conductors’ training in Europe.


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