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One Sea, Many Voices...

Most maps of Europe are centred on what used to be called the Mitteleuropa. But pay closer attention to the title of the map itself: “Europa”... Europa? Isn’t it an old Greek word stemming directly from this southern frontier, the Mediterranean Sea? Like all borders, this sea is what defines us as Europeans. We think of ourselves as those who are on the north side of this sea. Or are we really? We may reside on its shore, but the Mediterranean Sea lives inside our cultures, our religious, artistic and symbolic representations. Ideas may sometimes burn when libraries are set ablaze, but they always seem to float freely on seas, carried by fishermen and artists, smuggled by merchants and singers. The VOICE project shares something with these fishermen, it envisions Europe as something larger than a map, and it does not fear the sirens’ songs - aren’t they choristers after all?

Two events will be looking South during the course of the project, and will try to understand and share what makes this sea the beating heart of our common European culture, and how its inhabitants can live (and sing) together.

Choral Crossroads 2013- Singing the Bridges

The 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Youth Choral Fair “Choral Crossroads 2013 – Singing the bridges II” is a four-day project that will bring together at least five choirs and vocal ensembles from European and Arab countries, with over 200 participants, through a combination of singing events, workshops, and presentations. This unique festival will focus on Euro-Arab and cross-Mediterranean dialogue, friendship, collaboration and peace. Each of the visiting choirs will be an Ambassador of its culture, and will present and share it with its counterparts.

This non-competitive choral festival will be held at the very south-eastern edge of Europe, on the island of Cyprus, in the heart of Limassol, a beautiful, history-laden port. Here, the singers will have an opportunity to meet different cultures and traditions, not only through music, but also through cuisine, sight-seeing and architecture.

You will find an article dedicated to Choral Crossroads 2011 in EC magazine 02/2012.

Contacts and further info:

Nenad Bogdanovic

Epilogi Cultural Movement of Limassol - Jeunesses Musicales Cyprus

Tel. +357-25580650


The Mediterranean Voices Conference

Within the administrative boundaries of Europe, there is a sea that we, the southern Europeans, call Mare Nostrum (Our Sea). This sea has historically been one of the most powerful areas in terms of commerce, exchange and culture. It is the cradle of the classical culture, the cradle of the European cultural identity.

The Mediterranean Voices Conference is organized by the Moviment Coral Catalá (Catalan Choral Umbrella Organization), the Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing, ECA-EC and IFCM, and will bring our VOICE beyond these administrative boundaries. We will discover the VOICE of this Mare Nostrum.

During four days, Girona, in Catalonia, will host musicians, musicologists, composers, conductors and choral singers from different countries from the northern and southern Mediterranean area. They will offer us an overview of the various vocal and choral traditions from both sides of the Mare Nostrum.

Thanks to a programme made up of seven concerts, documentary screenings, exhibitions, and more than twelve conferences, panels and workshops, visitors will enjoy the knowledge of being, thinking and singing of artists (composers, soloists, choirs and vocal groups) from more than ten countries.

Girona will thus become the VOICE City of Europe and beyond. Girona will be the city where one can measure the temperature of the planet’s most diverse and dynamic region; think about the political and cultural changes taking place in the northern rim of the Mediterranean due to the economic recession and on its southern shores after the Spring Revolutions. Moreover, think about the religious diversity and the long history of convergences and divergences between the different religions and cultures living in the same area.

Thanks to the Mediterranean Voices Conference, we will spread our VOICE. And thanks to other VOICES that have arrived from different places bathed by the Mare Nostrum, our VISION will grow and will be expanded and enriched. Are you going to miss the Mediterranean Voices Conference?

Martí Ferrer i Bosch

President of the Moviment

Coral Catalá

Girona – Catalonia / Spain

29/07 to 01/08 2013

more information on http://mcc.cat/en/voices.html

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