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Singing Europe > Résumé en Français

Le résumé en Français de l'étude SINGING EUROPE est disponible au téléchargement en cliquant ICI


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Singing Europe: Deutsche Zusammenfassung

SINGING EUROPE download the report!

The final report of the pilot research project “singing europe” has been published. Based on two years of exploration of data sources, and through innovative surveys, the report shows that 4,5% of the European population actively participates in collective singing activities. This represents 37 Million collective singers on the European continent, gathered in about 1 million choirs or ensembles.

Collective singing thus proves to be a major cultural activity, providing singers with direct benefits in terms of social integration, health, and cultural development.

With two thirds of the conductors being paid for their work, and all the associated services (premises, concerts, travels, instrumentalists, pedagogy, scores, etc.), collective singing is also creating local added value: most of the money invested by participants and funding authorities is valorised and used locally, or in the frame of European exchanges. In times where a significant part of the added value of the music market is extradited overseas, collective singing contributes positively to the economic development of the continent.

The free report offers a rich insight on the demographic, economic, social and cultural dimension of collective singing in Europe.


Read the public report on the VOICE project!

Download the free project report!


Singing Sofa: hear the young singers voice!

The Singing Sofa is a rearch project developped in the frame of the VOICE project to better understand and address the needs of young singers and offer tools to develop singing activities that help them enjoy this beneficial activitiy without altering their health.

The Singing Sofa developped a website in four languages, where you will find the results of their research and can download informations packs, a free game developped to help teachers and conductors as well as a bibliography of relevant sources.

Check the website and share it on all your networks!





Choral Crossroads 2013: the video!

20 May 2015

The video of the Choral Crossroads festival in Cyprus is now online!

A wonderful meeting between choirs from Europe and the Arab world. Sit down and enjoy!

How healthy are choral singers' voices?

30 april 2015

The University of York developped a research project to conclusively investigate the vocal health of amateur choral singers and to evaluate the acoustic and physiological efficiency of vocal production in amateur choral singers. read the first overview of the results HERE.

How to get millions of children singing within the span of a generation?

27 April 2015

To answer this question, Koor&Stem worked over two years with experts and partners to gather the best ideas and practices, and turn them into a wonderful inspirational guide that YOU can use, wether you are parents, singers, organisers, teachers, etc.


The guide can now be downloaded for free in English, German, Dutch and French!

Check it out HERE.



Symposium on Singing in Music Education: videos are online!

18 March 2015

You can now watch the videos of the "Symposium on Singing in Music Education" held in Budapest in April 2014 on the Youtube channel! Share with your friends and colleagues!

Click HERE.

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